Here are a few examples of IT consulting services we have performed for clients of all sizes throughout NH, Northern MA, and Southern ME.

Client Install: Dover, NH

In a significant network services project, ANS IT support services team set up ESXi on a new HP server for a client in Dover. We configured vSwitch, and NIC Teaming and configured iSCSI connectivity. We added a second iSCSI Vmkernel port, and Associate Vmkernel ports to physical adapters; enabled Jumbo Frames, iSCSI initiator, and Bind Vmkernel ports to the iSCSI adapter.

As part of our network services we configured Dynamic Discovery; and connected to a volume and enable multipathing. We configured two Aruba Layer 3 Switches with VLAN and Redundancy and a second host. We also Setup VMotion and prep for VSphere replication, connected all equipment in server rack and verified redundancy with switches and both hosts.

Client Install: Dover, NH

As part of managed IT solutions for a Dover company, we set up single ESXi host, configured datastores and VM, and started a P2V (physical to virtual) migration. Our computer consulting team shut down legacy server and powered on new virtual server. We set up NIC teaming and configured Snapshots and Cloud backup, as well as VMware configuration in backup for restore.

Client Install: Auburn, NH

ANS IT consulting experts set up a new HP ProLiant Server for a client in Auburn. We configured RAID 10 for Operating System partition and RAID 1 for ESXi; installed VMware hypervisor ESXi 6.7, set up through ILO. As part of our computer networking services, we configured Datastore in Hypervisor, and configured Virtual Machine and Microsoft Windows Server 2019. We also installed VMware tools, configured server and installed Microsoft Windows Updates along with all required licensing and setup Network Shares.

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Client Install: Wolfeboro, NH

Our IT support services team custom configured two workstations for a Law Firm in Wolfeboro, NH. We installed all required applications, including Microsoft Office 365. We then created and configured the email accounts, making sure everyone was set up correctly. We performed a cybersecurity audit, set up Anti-Virus software, installed SonicWALL Router and configured all Security Suite advanced settings. The network technicians then built Network Switch and configured in Domain (Active Directory) environment to complete the network security services.

Client Install: New Durham, NH

The team at ANS set up a new workstation for a client. Our network technicians installed the necessary applications including Microsoft Office, Virus software (Trend Micro), and BMSI. We configured the required email account and set up all user settings, then added the system to the domain in an Active Directory Environment.

Client Install: Alton, NH

ANS IT consultants set up three new workstations for a consulting firm in Alton. This project included setting up all the required programs, such as 0365, QuickBooks and email. Our managed IT services also included set up for printing and network scanning. As part of our cloud infrastructure services, we configured cloud backup on the server.

Client Install: New Durham, NH

We installed a new workstation for a client in New Durham, configuring a Lenovo laptop, and installing a Thunderbolt docking station to allow dual monitors. We also installed all necessary programs, including BMSI, Microsoft Office, and IC Realtime (cameras). Our managed IT service providers joined the system to the domain in an Active Directory environment. We set up required printers and scanning as well as folders in quick links and mapped all the required network drives.

Client Install: Dover, NH

Our managed IT service experts set up two workstations for a law office in Dover, including all required programs such as 0365, Virus software (Trend Micro), QuickBooks and RMM software. We joined both systems to the domain in an Active Directory environment and set up systems to print to required printers. Oure network consulting services also included setting up any necessary quick links and map drives.

Client Install: Dover, NH

We assisted in set up of CNC machine for a client in Dover, which included setting up account in Active Directory, configuring the pc software and communication with CAD software.

Client Install: Portsmouth, NH

As part of our network security services, ANS set up new VMware virtual server in existing infrastructure for a client in Portsmouth, moving all data from physical server to VM. We reconfigured network shares and permission, instructed users and recreated mapped network drives and home folders.

Client Install: Brentwood, NH

A client in Brentwood required a full range of managed IT solutions and computer networking services, including set up of an HP ProLiant Server. We also configured RAID 10 for the Operating System Partition and RAID 1 for ESXi; installed VMware Hypervisor ESXi 6.7 and set that up using ILO; configured the Datastores within Hypervisor; and setup two virtual machines. Our IT consulting experts also installed virus software (Symantec Endpoint Protection) and did all required Windows updates. We installed our Remote Monitoring and Management software (RMM) on both; installed RDP licensing and configured RDP services.

Client Install: Nashua, NH

No problem is too small for our IT consulting services. For a client in Nashua, we fixed a printing issue on a client computer, and set up the scanner to scan location on network. We also set up a shortcut to that location on desktop for ease of access; installed Quickbooks; transferred QuickBooks data and imported the data onto the new system; and installed Novapdf for PDF printing.

Client Install: New Durham, NH

As part of network services for a client in New Durham, we installed two computers; set up quick links and mapped drives; installed all required programs, including BMSI, Clerkworks, Microsoft Office and the virus software; set up shortcuts on the desktop for required websites; and set up shortcut to the scan folder for network scanning.

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